The Hermosillo Cartel (Cártel de Hermosillo or Cártel Hermosillo Cienfuegos) is a mexican de facto drug cartel linking back to the mexican Sinaloa cartel, headed by Guillermo Rodrigo Hermosillo Cienfuegos and Heraclio Trujillo.[1] It may perhaps be so the conglomerate operates in the United States.

Particularly active in Tijuana the organization migrated to Los Santos, San Andreas near the ending of 2012 during the winter season.[2] Guillermo R. Hermosillo brought his paramilitary lieutenant Jose Medrano. Old hired goons part of Soldados Especiales de Medrano (coined after José Medrano) were shipped-in later.

The operation is now known as the Trujillo Cartel, dubbed after drug kingpin Heraclio Trujillo whom was kept in charge following Hermosillo's incarceration.

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